Price list 

Powered flight

Theory instrcution

eLAPL / ePPL - Theory course (Distance learning 24 kk, available in english and in finnish)

1 500€

NF(A)-Distance learning course (available only in finnish)


SEP(sea) - Distance learninig (available only in finnish)


LAPL/PPL question bank (available only in finnish, access for 1 month)


FI/CRI/IR/LAPL/PPL Private  tuition/hour


 Flight Training

Flight training (block-time) C150 (Not applicable for FI or CRI)


Flight training  (block-time) P28A (Not applicable CRI/FI/IR, PA28 not available for basic flight training)


Flight training (block-time) for SEP(SEA) (price covers only the instructor part, no fuel or aircraft rental)


Flight training (block-time), instructor fee, no aircraft rental. (not applicable for CRI/FI/IR training)


NF – course (incl. 5 hours of flight time, block) flown with C150)

1 900€

PPL(A) course (incl. 45 h of flight time and distance learning course)

13 850€
LAPL(A) course (inck. 30 hours of flight time and distance learning course)8 950€
SEP(Sea) coure (theories, in distance learning, FIN only)4250€

LAPL/PPL refresher training

Cancelled flight by student if the cancellation happens 24 hours before scheduled and agreed time




Flight instuctor training

FI(A) - course (Theory training not provided sepatately)

 11 900€

FI(A) - refresh seminar


FI(A) - militry conversion(only applicable to finnish airforce pilots)


CRI-course for CRI(SEP), land flown with C150/PA28


CRI Course for SEP(sea)3000€

Intrument flight training

CB-IR - course (incl. distance theories and flights, 40 hours)

18 990€

CB-IR theories2500 €

Airplane rental fees 

Rental/h (block-to block) C150 (incl. fuel, no ldg or navigation fees)


Rental/h (block-to block)P28A (incl. fuel, no ldg or navigation fees)


Skill tests, assesment of competence and proficiency checks  

LAPL(A)/PPL(A)/SEP(sea) Skill test, examination fee only


SEP(sea) proficiency check, examination fee only


Assesment of Competence FI(A) or CRI(A)300€

SEP(land) proficiency check, examination fee only


ATO:n recommendation for proficiency check


 All prices subject to VAT 24% unless otherwise stated. Prices valid from 1.3.2020 onward  and are subject to change without notice